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8pm Wednesday 21st February - Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices
Pure Music Group presents Open Audio Designs

A New Year has started, and it has brought to the Australian Hi Fi scene a new player to the market. Warwick Freemantle from the Pure Music Group will be demonstrating to the club a new range of electronic components from Open Audio Designs. The man behind this new company, Jon DeSensi, will be our guest presenter for the night.

Jon's new products, a pre and power amp, have raised the bar for Australian High End design and manufacturing with world class sonics at affordable pricing. The CP1 pre- features a 4.3" TFT LCD Full Colour display, with capacitive touch. All features of the CP1 are controlled by this touch display which eliminates any front panel mechanical potentiometers and switches. Gold plated Swiss made relays select inputs, followed by a buffer amplifier that presents a benign load to signal sources. With few components in the path as possible, a direct coupled dual mono layout helps to maximise audio purity and virtually eliminate crosstalk.

The UF1 Power Amplifier utilizes the latest in transistor technology to deal with significant distortions. As the load impedance of an amplifier is decreased, large signal non-linearities begin to appear. This distortion is significantly dependent on the quality of the amplifier's output stage power transistors. The UF1's transistors are in a different class, in that the current gain is completely maintained over its full power bandwidth, while also minimising the crossover distortion.

Partnering the electronics will be a new speaker from Gauder Akustik, the Berlina RC-7D Mk II with the Accuton Pure Diamond Tweeters. Argento Cables will look after the signal from each component. With the optional phono card (PP1) installed in the preamp, the source for the night will be the Kuzma Stabi SPS Turntable with Kuzma 4 Point 9" Tonearm. This will be OAD's (OPEN AUDIO DESIGNS) first public showing at an audio event. We may well have a full house.

Nick Karayanis - Program Co-ordinator.

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QEOS II by Perfect 8 Technologies

When it comes to cabinet construction, many speaker designers will traditionally use some type of wood to produce a finished product. In the past, unconventional material like concrete has been tried. Today, everything from 'high-density polyurethane' to aluminium is in use. Glass would be the most unique and challenging material for any speaker designer.

In 2016 the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show hosted the world premiere of the QEOS II. These new glass speakers are designed in Sweden, produced in Germany by the renowned glass furniture manufacturer Dreieck Design, while the crossover filters are made in Australia by Spuncsound founder Roland Boitor. This new model is inspired by Perfect 8 Technologies earlier 'Cube' speaker but with increased inner volume that delivers enriched sound. This team of specialists believe glass has become the ideal structural material for a new revolutionary high-end audio solution. One key technology used in the QEOS II speaker, is the proprietary Super Silent Glass (SSG) "SSG is a special glass type which virtually eliminates all vibrations there is no ringing."

The new stand mount speaker is fabricated from 12mm thick glass panels. The sealed glass enclosure houses two 7-inch aluminium drivers and a 35mm fabric dome tweeter. The mid/bass drivers are mounted on opposite sides of the cabinet, thereby delivering a virtually omni directional radiation pattern throughout the heart of the music, up to 900Hz. The tweeter which faces the listener delivers its sonic signature from 700Hz (!) and looks after the high frequencies.

Roland Boitor from Spuncsound, will be presenting a program of music to demonstrate the sonic attributes of these speakers, as well as their technical highlights. Loudspeakers are often described as being a window on the performance; with this new revolutionary material, we get to see and hear the results.

Nick Karayanis - Program Co-ordinator.